Our History

We have provided G-Island music with: Graphics and compilation for his video "Whom The Cap Fits", Squeeze page for his CD "SWEET REGGAE MUSIC", Electronic Press Kit and 2 Display ads.


Mr. Grant had finished producing a new CD release "Sweet Reggae Music" under his record label G-Island Music. He had an associate travelling to Europe to speak on the history of Reggae Music in various cities. Mr. Grant saw opportunity not only to equip his associate with the new hard copy CD just to introduce it to the European market, but he wanted something online as well as a backup for his associate. Something that could be sampled. Because this was a last minute arrangement, CD-Baby and iTunes were not set up for the electronic release at that moment.


We put together a squeeze page for Mr. Grant. Downloaded his MP3 files for the CD... made short 30-40 second sound clips and uploaded them to Youtube. We then enrolled Mr. Grant in Payloadz and uploaded the youtube videos to get a link to paste on his squeeze page... it was a very quick operation and done in time for Mr. Grant's associate to incorporate into his presentation. YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE SQUEEZE PAGE HERE...(please use the back button to return to this page)
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